Weekly Intel Update

Be the first to learn the latest intelligence news and get ready for the week ahead! *(week ending Aug 22)

Every Monday, SPY will bring you a Weekly Intelligence Update highlighting the previous week’s worldwide news events from espionage incidents to national security and general intelligence. Note: Linking to these stories does not constitute an endorsement from the International Spy Museum. As the Museum historian, I found many of these news stories were interesting (and that you might too).


The most important news stories of the past week, all in one place. 

The New Yorker: The Men Who Killed James Foley

Washington Post: U.S. Staged Secret Operation into Syria in Failed Bid to Rescue Americans

Reuters: Pentagon: Islamic State Threat ‘Beyond Anything We’ve Seen’

War is Boring: Iran Sends Tanks Into Iraq to Fight ISIS

The Aviationist: Chinese Su-27 Jet Threatened U.S. Surveillance Aircraft with a Barrel Roll Stunt over the Top of It

International Business Times: US Gives Intelligence to Assad to Target ISIS Leaders

Politico: The Truth About Executive Order 12333



Unfortunately, it’s doubtful we will go a week without stories about terrorism. 

Business Insider: Elite Helicopter Unit with the World’s Best Pilots Took Part in the Effort to Rescue James Foley

Daily Beast: Obama vs. ISIS: This Time It’s Personal

Daily Mail (UK): SAS in High-Tech Hunt for Jihadi John: 'Significant Force' of Elite UK Troops on the Ground as MI5 Identifies James Foley's Sickening Killer

CNN (Opinion): The Only Way to Defeat ISIS

New York Times (Op-Ed): The Problem With ‘Evil’

The XX Committee: Vienna Calling: How Austria Became a Hub of Global Jihad



The world of cyberwar and cyber-terrorism is the new normal. The NSA and Snowden stories would naturally fit here too, but they have their own category. 

Wired: How to Save the Net: A CDC For Cybercrime

Fox 2 (St. Louis): FBI Opens Investigation into Cyber Attacks Against Ferguson Law Enforcement

The Verge: Cyber Attack Reveals Data on at Least 25,000 Workers at the US Department of Homeland Security

Information Week: 70 Percent of World’s Critical Utilities Breached

Washington Post: Secret Service Estimates Type of Malware that Led to Target Breach is Affecting over 1,000 U.S. Businesses

Wired: This Android Shield Could Encrypt Apps So Invisibly You Forget It’s There



News about nuclear weapons, and the intelligence and national security ramifications they present. I will also include news about chemical, radiological, and biological weapons here as well (all the WMDs in one convenient location).

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Scottish Independence Could Leave UK Nuclear Weapons Homeless

Defense One: Top Six Strategic Threats to Worry About in Today’s Global Headlines

Reuters Canada: Iran Denies Report Linking Iraq Cooperation to Nuclear Talks

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Radiation Detection in the Palm of Your Hand

Project on Nuclear Issues: Nuclear Policy News (This is a daily update for those interested, BTW)



Anything new in spy and defense technology.

Breaking Defense: Non-Standard: Navy SM-6 Kills Cruise Missiles Deep Inland

Reuters: Northrop Grumman Sees European Interest in Hawk Surveillance Drone

Business Week: This Stealth Attack Boat May Be Too Innovative for the Pentagon

War is Boring: New Backpack Robot Can Clear Minefields

Real Clear Defense: SEALs Are Getting New Mini-Subs

Stars and Stripes: Navy Drone Flies Alongside Fighter Jets

National Defense Magazine: Top Secret Air Force Bomber Program Moves Forward

Wired: This Startup Could Turn Your iPhone Into a Tiny Disease-Detecting Lab



Stories about the NSA, Snowden, and general government transparency. 

National Security Archive: The CIA Misapplies FOIA Exemptions to Continue its Covert Attack on Mandatory Declassification Review. And Why it Matters

Office of the Director of National Intelligence: New Declassified Documents about the NSA Metadata Program

Defense One: Meet the Man Leading the Snowden Damage Investigation



The US’s most significant global rival is making moves around the world. 

Washington Post: Chinese Hackers Reportedly Took Classified Data on MH370 a Day after it Went Missing

Stars and Stripes: Amid US Plans for Continued Asia Presence, a Shrinking Submarine Fleet

The Diplomat: China’s New Age of Military Diplomacy

Business Insider: Japan Just Held A First-Of-Its-Kind Live Fire Exercise On Mount Fuji  (Amazing Photos)



Because all the news from this hotly contested part of the world is not just terrorism news.

Al Jazeera: Iran Says it Shot Down Israeli Drone

Al Jazeera: Egyptian Court Convicts Israeli for Spying



News articles that highlight the secret history of history. 

Intelnews.org: Failed Nazi Spy Mission in UK ‘Was Sabotaged by German Dissidents’

Military.com: USS Liberty Hero Dies

War is Boring: The Tower of Boom: Everything About This Nuclear War Test Tower Was Extraordinary



All the news that doesn’t fit. 

Central Intelligence Agency: Spotlight on CIA’s Centers