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Every Monday, SPY will bring you a Weekly Intelligence Update highlighting the previous week’s worldwide news events from espionage incidents to national security and general intelligence. Note: Linking to these stories does not constitute an endorsement from the International Spy Museum. As the Museum historian, I found many of these news stories were interesting (and that you might too).


Department of Homeland Security: Secretary's Honors Program Cyber Student Volunteer


Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: The Torture Report

International Spy Museum: Malcolm Nance, Interrogation Expert, on Waterboarding and Torture

Central Intelligence Agency: Statement from Director Brennan on the SSCI Study on the Former Detention and Interrogation Program

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: Minority Report

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: Additional Views

Central Intelligence Agency: CIA Fact Sheet Regarding the SSCI Study on the Former Detention and Interrogation Program

Director of National Intelligence: DNI Message to the Intelligence Community Workforce on the Release of the SSCI Report

The White House: Statement by the President Report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Lawfare: Timeline of CIA Detention and Interrogation Program

Lawfare: Key Study Dates

Washington Post: 20 Key Findings about CIA Interrogations

Washington Post: The 119 Detainees Held in Secret CIA Prisons

Washington Post: Decoding The Secret Black Sites on the Senate’s Report on the CIA Interrogation Program

The Daily Beast: The Most Gruesome Moments in the CIA ‘Torture Report’

Washington Post: Investigation into CIA’s Interrogation Program Encountered a ‘Fog Of Secrecy’

The Hill: DOJ Won't Reopen Torture Probe after CIA Report

Politico: Michael Hayden Is Not Sorry

Washington Post: Hayden’s Testimony vs. the Senate Report

Washington Post: CIA Unlikely To Lose Power in Wake of Interrogation Report

Reuters: Ex-British Guantanamo Inmate Says CIA 'Torture' Report Won't Help

Politico: President Obama’s Mixed Signals

New York Times (ACLU Op-Ed): Pardon Bush and Those Who Tortured

United Nations: UN Expert Calls For Prosecution of CIA Officers and Other US Government Officials

Washington Post: Why Dick Cheney and the CIA Don’t Need To Worry About International Criminal Charges

BBC: CIA 'Torture' Condemned By World Media

Washington Post: Lawyers for 9/11 Suspects Say CIA Interrogation Report Could Help Their Cases

Federation of American Scientists: CIA Torture Report: Oversight, But No Remedies Yet

The Daily Beast: CIA Offers New Security Checks for ‘Torture Report’ Spies

Washington Post: Rise And Fall of CIA’s Overseas Prisons Traced in Senate Report on Interrogations

Buzzfeed: How the CIA Torture Report Lets American Leaders off the Hook

Popular Science: Is There A Scientifically Valid Way To Interrogate People?



Unfortunately, it’s doubtful we will go a week without stories about terrorism.  

Director of National Intelligence: The Department of Justice Releases Additional Documents Concerning Collection Activities Authorized by President George W. Bush Shortly After the Attacks of September 11, 2001

Foreign Policy: SEAL Team 6 and the High Costs of Trying to Save American Lives

Washington Post: Three American Teens, Recruited Online, Are Caught Trying To Join the Islamic State

The Diplomat: Iran Joins ISIS Fight

Washington Post: The Taliban Indoctrinates Kids With Jihadist Textbooks Paid For By The U.S.



Our old nemesis is back with a vengeance.  

Newsweek: Russian Spies Return to Europe in 'New Cold War'

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Russia’s Latest Provocations: Business As Usual?

US Department of Defense: Russian Arms Control Violation Prompts Joint Staff Assessment

Bloomberg: Putin’s Friends Reap Billions in Deals as Economy Teeters

National Interest: From Da to Nyet: How U.S. Diplomacy Helped Transform Russia from Potential Ally into Strategic Adversary



News about nuclear weapons, and the intelligence and national security ramifications they present. I will also include news about chemical, radiological, and biological weapons here as well (all the WMDs in one convenient location).  

Defense One: Vienna Conference Could ‘Change the Calculus’ of US Nuclear Policy

Arms Control Association: U.S. NGOs Urge Prompt Action to Make Nuclear Disarmament a Global Enterprise

National Interest: P5+1 Talks Are Not (Just) about Iran



Anything new in spy and defense science and technology. 

Live Science: Quantum Teleportation Reaches Farthest Distance Yet

Stars and Stripes: Navy Authorized To Use New Laser Weapon for Self-Defense on USS Ponce

Washington Post: With Photos and Video, Navy Shows How Its New Laser Gun Works At Sea

Science: Spider-Inspired Sensor Can Detect Human Speech and Pulse

Defense News: Amazon Commercial Cloud Tapped for GEOINT

National Defense Magazine: X-47B May Begin Automated Aerial Refueling Demonstrations Next Year

US Government Accountability Office: Unmanned Aerial Systems: Efforts Made Toward Integration into the National Airspace Continue, but Many Actions Still Required

Defense News: NATO Eyes Deployable Comm System for High Readiness Forces

Stars and Stripes: V-22 Osprey Maker Reports Successful Tests of Forward-Fired Rockets on Aircraft

Washington Post: Washington Start-Ups Pitch Ideas to National Security Agencies



Stories about the NSA, government transparency, and individual rights.

Reuters: No Proof So Far That NSA Bugged Merkel's Phone: Prosecutor

The Guardian: Bipartisan Effort to Expand Access to Public Records Fails

Defense One: NSA’s Mass Phone Spying Will Continue for at Least Another 90 Days

Washingtonian: Imprisoned Former CIA Agent John Kiriakou Speaks About Torture, Prison, and the Future

Reuters: Cops Scan Social Media to Help Assess Your ‘Threat Rating’

Office of the Director of National Intelligence: Joint Statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of the Attorney General on the Declassification of Renewal of Collection Under Section 501 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act


The world of cyberwar and cyber-terrorism is the new normal.   

The Verge: Hackers Tell Sony to Halt the Release of the Interview

Washington Post: Preventing a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ Will Require Innovative Thinking from the Military

Federal Bureau of Investigation: Cyber’s Most Wanted

ARS Technica: Powerful, Highly Stealthy Linux Trojan May Have Infected Victims for Years

Defense News: DARPA Sees Future of Cybersecurity in Transparent Computing

Huffington Post: Why Do Russia and Iran Have More Cyber Commandos Than the U.S.?

Defense Systems: Army's New Cyber Branch Looking To Recruit Talent

The Verge: Google-Backed Password-Killer Crosses Major Milestone



National Interest: The Sanctions Delusion



Stories from the UK and the Continent. 

Popular Science: UK Investigates Airplane's Near Collision with Drone

Wired UK: GCHQ Has Made an Android App -- But It Won't Spy On You




News articles that highlight the secret history of history. 

Talking Points Memo: Convicted Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Bungled 1985 Escape Plan

Washington Post: Honolulu After Pearl Harbor: A Report Published For the First Time, 71 Years Later

Daily Mail (UK): Coco Chanel The Nazi Spy: New Document Reveals That Fashion Designer Worked For Hitler's Military Intelligence

The Asahi Shimbun: Soviet Spy Who Visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days after A-Bombings Dies At 101

War is Boring: How to Nuke a Submarine

National Interest: 10 Big Historical Anniversaries Coming in 2015

War is Boring: A White Woman Posed as a Black Man to Infiltrate Confederate Lines

Matthew Aid: NSA Posts Online Newly Declassified POW/MIA Documents Regarding Shootdowns Over China and North Vietnam

Atomic Heritage Foundation: Voices of the Manhattan Project: Tom Forkner's Interview

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: Old Maps, New Mission



All the news that doesn’t fit. 

Military Times: America's Military: A Force Adrift

The Guardian: US Agency Infiltrated Cuban Hip-Hop Scene to Spark Youth Unrest

Defense Tech: Air Force Breaks 30-Year Record for GPS Satellite Launches