Weekly Intel Update

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Every Monday, SPY will bring you a Weekly Intelligence Update highlighting the previous week’s worldwide news events from espionage incidents to national security and general intelligence. Note: Linking to these stories does not constitute an endorsement from the International Spy Museum. As the Museum historian, I found many of these news stories were interesting (and that you might too).



The most important stories from the last week, all in one place. 

Reuters: CIA'S Brennan - Islamic State's Momentum Blunted in Syria, Iraq

Vice News: The CIA Just Declassified the Document That Supposedly Justified the Iraq Invasion

Newsweek: US Omits Iran and Hezbollah From Terror Threat List

AP: Administration Sets Record for Withholding Government Files

The Intercept: Lawyers for CIA Leaker Cite Selective Prosecution after Petraeus Plea Deal

Military Times: North Korean Envoy Says His Country Has Nuclear Missiles



Unfortunately, it’s doubtful we will go a week without stories about terrorism.  

Washington Post: The Islamic State Isn’t Actually Much of a Threat to the United States


News about nuclear weapons, and the intelligence and national security ramifications they present. I will also include news about chemical, radiological, and biological weapons here as well (all the WMDs in one convenient location).  

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Don’t Let Fears of a “Bad” Nuclear Deal With Iran Kill a Good One

Forbes: The US Has No Defense Against A Russian Nuclear Attack. Really.

Union of Concerned Scientists: China’s Nuclear Forces Feeling U.S. Pressure

US Department of Defense: Destruction of WWII-era Chemical Stockpile Set to Begin

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight: Biological Weapons as Deterrents in a Nuclear-Armed World


Anything new in spy and defense science and technology.  

Defense One: Are High-Tech Sensors the Answer to the Pentagon’s Drone Demand?

The Diplomat: Is the Pentagon Losing the Arms Race in Space?

Defense One: The Air Force Might Have To Protect Money Laundering in Space


Stories about the NSA, government transparency, and individual rights.

The Intercept: Us Threatened Germany over Snowden, Vice Chancellor Says

Defense One: Here’s Why the NSA Won’t Need Congress’ Permission to Continue Spying

Office of Rep. Ted Lieu: Lieu, Russell Send Letter on Email Privacy

Matthew Aid: Cisco Taking Steps to Prevent NSA and FBI from Intercepting Computer Shipments to Clients


The world of cyberwar and cyber-terrorism is the new normal.   

Washington Post: Cyber Chief: Efforts to Deter Attacks against the US Are Not Working

Defense One: The FBI’s Big Plan to Expand Its Hacking Powers

The Intercept: Documents Reveal Canada’s Secret Hacking Tactics

The Guardian (Op-Ed): The NSA's Plan: Improve Cybersecurity by Hacking Everyone Else

The Hill: NYPD Cop Arrested For Alleged Hacks


Our old nemesis is back with a vengeance.

The Copenhagen Post: NATO Condemns Russian Nuclear Threat Against Denmark

Real Clear Defense: How Should NATO Respond to Russia's Hybrid Warfare?

Forbes: Russia Targets NATO with Military Exercises

ABC News/AP: Putin Signs Treaty Integrating South Ossetia into Russia

Washington Post: Don’t Send Weapons to Ukraine, Top Russian Kremlin Critic Says

National Defense Magazine: Ukraine Wants Help with Electronic Warfare Threat


Our neighbors to the south, both allies and adversaries. 

Miami Herald: Miami Republican Members of Congress Oppose Cuban Embassy in Washington, Citing Spies

AP: Tourists Flocking To Cuba 'Before the Americans Come'

War is Boring: Fidel Castro Had a Bizarre Obsession with Milk

The Hill (Op-Ed): Vice President Biden, More of the Same Won't Work In Central America

War is Boring: You Really Don’t Want to Make Venezuela’s Military Officers Angry


America’s “Asia pivot” has brought it into direct conflict with the rising powers of Asia.

The National Interest: Can Congress Stop China in the South China Sea?

Reuters: South Korea Blames North Korea for December Hack On Nuclear Operator



Because all the news from this hotly contested part of the world is not just terrorism news.

Washington Post: Don’t Sugarcoat the Costs of War with Iran

Us Department of State: On the Passing of President Rouhani's Mother

AP: Israeli Leader Backtracks From Palestinian State Opposition

Al Arabiya: US Returns More Than 60 Smuggled Artifacts to Iraq

The Hill: Obama Urges Release of US Prisoners in Iran


News articles that highlight the secret history of history.   

Mother Jones: This Secret CIA Video Showed Ronald Reagan How the Soviets Viewed America

Business Insider: Amazing Insight into What US Intelligence Knew About Hitler in 1943

The New Yorker: A Friend of the Devil: Inside a Famous Cold War Deception

The Joint Chiefs of Staff: The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the War in Vietnam, 1960–1968, Part 2

War is Boring: Space Marines with Jetpacks!

National WWI Museum: Drawn To War the Political Cartoons of Louis Raemaekers

War is Boring: British World War I Veterans Named Their Medals After Comic Strip Characters


All the news that doesn’t fit. 

The National Interest: Back to the Future: The US Navy Confronts Great Power Challengers

War on the Rocks: What Obama Gets Right and Wrong On Grand Strategy

Slate: Man Who Crashed Drone on White House Lawn Won't Be Charged

Wall Street Journal: ‘The Americans’ Star Alison Wright on Martha, Mail Robots and Pen Maintenance