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Every Monday, SPY will bring you a Weekly Intelligence Update highlighting the previous week’s worldwide news events from espionage incidents to national security and general intelligence. Note: Linking to these stories does not constitute an endorsement from the International Spy Museum. As the Museum historian, I found many of these news stories were interesting (and that you might too). 




The most important stories from the last week, all in one place. 

The Hill: New Photos Released of Bush, Cheney from 9/11

Washington Post: Jonathan Pollard: Why Israel Wants Him Free, Why the US Doesn’t, and What Might Happen Next

The Hill: White House: Tensions with Israel Would Not Be Factor in Pollard Release

New York Times: US Fears Data Stolen by Chinese Hacker Could Identify Spies

The Daily Beast: FBI Probes ‘Hundreds’ of China Spy Cases

Foreign Policy: FBI Rolls Out Red Scare Film to Highlight Threat of Economic Espionage

Business Insider: US Sailor Charged With Taking Pictures of Classified Areas of a Nuclear Submarine


Unfortunately, it’s doubtful we will go a week without stories about terrorism.   

NBC News: Dead Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Still Sways Terror Wannabes

New York Times: ISIS Leader Takes Steps to Ensure Group’s Survival

Defense One: White House In ‘Final Stages’ of Plan to Close Guantanamo

Washington Post: Pentagon: US Airstrike Kills Al-Qaeda Leader in Afghanistan

The Hill: Pentagon: 'Khorasan Group' Leader Killed In Syria

Defense One: Turkey Opens Key Air Bases for US Strikes on ISIS

The Hill: Pentagon: New Class of Syrian Rebels Has Started Training to Fight ISIS

Defense One: Tajikistan’s Security Chief Has Gone Over to ISIS. Now What?

Overt Action: Who is Providing America the Intelligence Needed to Target ISIS…in Afghanistan?

Washington Post: The Emerging Threat of the Lone Wolf in the Fight Against Terror


News about nuclear weapons, and the intelligence and national security ramifications they present. I will also include news about chemical, radiological, and biological weapons here as well (all the WMDs in one convenient location).  

Time: Russian Bombers Buzzing US Unlikely to Carry Nukes

The Daily Beast: Pentagon ‘Shocked’ by Anthrax Leak

Defense One: You’re Safe-ish from Anthrax, For Now



Anything new in spy and defense science and technology.  

Reuters: Lufthansa Flight Has Near-Miss with Drone Near Warsaw

The Daily Beast: Moscow Could Be Prepping for Space War with Aggressive New Satellites

The Diplomat: Super Humans and Killer Robots: How the US Army Envisions Warfare in 2050

The Hill: Pentagon Confirms Drone Crashed In Iraq



Stories about the NSA, government transparency, and individual rights.

The Daily Beast: Even the Former Director of the NSA Hates the FBI’s Push for New Surveillance Powers

Just Security: CIA Operatives Should Not be Considered Armed Forces Under International Law

The Daily Beast: NSA Appoints Obama Bundler as New Top Lawyer

BuzzFeed: Retired Senator And Intelligence Vice Chair: Hang Snowden Publicly When We Get Him



The world of cyberwar and cyber-terrorism is the new normal. 

NBC News: Census Bureau Investigating Hack After Anonymous Leaks Data Online

War on the Rocks: Can US Courts Stop Chinese Cyberspying?

The Verge: Ashley Madison's Data Breach Is Everyone's Problem

Defense One: Senators Want Homeland Security To Be a Leading Cyber Defense Agency

Popular Science: How Worried Should You Be About Your Car Being Hacked?

Washington Post: Why the Justice Department Is Going After This Bitcoin Exchange



Our old nemesis is back with a vengeance.

Vice News: The Russians Are Coming: NATO's Frontier

Radio Free Europe: Russia Poised To Veto Bid to Create UN Tribunal on MH17

The National Interest: Russia's Rising Military: Should the US Send More Nuclear Weapons to Europe?

The Daily Beast: Russia’s Stalinist Diplospeak

The National Interest: Russia's Stealthy New Nuclear Bomber Is in Big Trouble

The Daily Beast: Can Putin Afford to Keep East Ukraine?



The newest intelligence battleground of the 21st Century. 

BBC: Russia Sees Arctic as Naval Priority in New Doctrine

Alaska Dispatch News: Obama's Upcoming Visit To Anchorage: A Little Bit Climate, A Little Bit Arctic

CBC: Ottawa Invites Private Sector into Arctic Monitoring Project



Our neighbors to the south, both allies and adversaries.

The Atlantic: A Cuban Flag Rises in the District of Columbia

Politico: Cuba Raises Flag at Embassy in US (Photos)

The Hill: Reopening of Cuban Embassy Draws 'Bloody' Protest

AP: Cuban Flag Goes Up At State Department

The Guardian: The Guardian View On US-Cuba Relations: Still a Long Way to Go

Miami Herald: Conditions Tied to Possible Obama Visit to Cuba



America’s “Asia pivot” has brought it into direct conflict with the rising powers of Asia.

Defense One: China’s New Islands Are Clearly Military, US Pacific Chief Says

The Economist: Asian Coastguards Are In the Front Line of the Struggle to Check China

The Daily Beast: Can You Pick Out the North Korea Propaganda Shots?

The Guardian: China Feared CIA Worked with Sheldon Adelson's Macau Casinos to Snare Officials



Because all the news from this hotly contested part of the world is not just terrorism news. 

 Politico: John Kerry Picks Overseer for Iran Deal

AP: Saudi FM: Iran Deal May Stop Tehran from Getting Nuke Weapon

The Daily Beast: Ex-Intel Chief: Iran Deal Good for Israel



News articles that highlight the secret history of history. 

The Telegraph (UK): Frederick Forsyth 'Set To Reveal He Was an MI6 Spy' 

Newsweek: How the CIA Turned a Sex Doll Into a Spy Trick 

The National Interest: US Millennials Say America Was Wrong to Drop Atomic Bombs on Japan 

Business Insider: The CIA Built a Secret and Groundbreaking Mobile Text Messaging System in the Late 1970s 

Washington Post: In Defense of Neville Chamberlain, Hindsight’s Most Battered Punching Bag 

Huffington Post: The Art of the 'Real' Deal



All the news that doesn’t fit. 

Defense One: Former Pentagon Intel Chief Says Military’s Clandestine Service Is Growing

The Daily Beast: Does a Dead Kazakh KGB Chief Own Sherlock’s House?

Vice News: Romania Sentences Commander of Communist-Era 'Prison of Silence' to 20 Years