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Every Monday, SPY will bring you a Weekly Intelligence Update highlighting the previous week’s worldwide news events from espionage incidents to national security and general intelligence. Note: Linking to these stories does not constitute an endorsement from the International Spy Museum. As the Museum historian, I found many of these news stories were interesting (and that you might too).

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Department of Justice: Attorney General Holder Announces Charges Against Russian Spy Ring in New York City

New York Times: 3 Charged With Working as Agents for Russia in New York

Washington Post: Former CIA officer convicted in leak case

Popular Science: Scientists Adjust Doomsday Clock Over Nuclear Threats and Climate Change

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: It Is 3 Minutes to Midnight

The Daily Beast: CIA’s Top Spy Steps Down

Business Insider: Russia Sent a Spy Ship to Havana While US Diplomats Are Visiting

The National Interest: Russia's Nuclear Forces Conduct Surprise Drill

Washington Post: Yemen Chaos Threatens U.S. Counterterror Efforts, Including Drone Program

Defense News: US Trainers to Deploy to Ukraine

Reuters: Nearly Every U.S. Arms Program Found Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

The Miami Herald: Navy Relieves Guantánamo Base Commander amid Death Probe

Huffington Post: GOP Plans to Give Explosive Document Back to CIA

Politico: Richard Burr Takes CIA Report Fight to Senate Referee

Reuters: Hoax Caller Impersonating Spy Chief Put Through To UK PM Cameron



Unfortunately, it’s doubtful we will go a week without stories about terrorism.  

Atlantic Council: ‘Heightened Risk’ of Terrorist Attack in West, Top Pentagon Official Says

CBS News: 2 al Qaeda Members Charged in US for Conspiracy to Kill Americans

The Guardian: British 'Secret Agent Men' To Wear Wigs and Makeup at Al-Qaida Bomb Plot Trial

Buzzfeed: “No One Is Ready” For the New Breed of Terror

The Hill: Hagel: Yemen unrest could affect transfers from Guantánamo

Time: America’s Counterterrorism Policy Is Failing

ABC News: American Who Flipped on Al Qaeda Reemerges in New Terror Case

Politico: City Of Paris to Sue Fox News


Our old nemesis is back with a vengeance.  

PBS Frontline: The Many Faces of Vladimir Putin

Jane’s: Russia To Build More Arctic Airfields

War is Boring: Why Ukrainian Troops Are Calling the Donetsk Airport Siege ‘Stalingrad’

Vice News: Drone Footage Shows Ukraine's Donetsk Airport in Ruins After Months of Fighting

Business Insider: Top Gear Russia Magazine Accidentally Published an Image of a Classified Submarine

The XX Committee: Ukraine and the Lessons of Georgia

War is Boring: No, Russia Isn’t a Strategic Threat in Latin America

Vice News: Russian Official Resigns Amid Calls to Censor Films That Threaten 'National Unity'



News about nuclear weapons, and the intelligence and national security ramifications they present. I will also include news about chemical, radiological, and biological weapons here as well (all the WMDs in one convenient location).  

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Three Minutes and Counting

Boston Globe: How a Nuclear Near-Miss In ’95 Would Be a Disaster Today

Defense One: Can Ash Carter Tame the Nuclear Weapons Budget?

Federation of American Scientists: The Nuclear Weapons “Procurement Holiday”

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Big Banks and Their Game of Risk

The Diplomat: Dual-Use Traders: The Real WMD Threat in Southeast Asia?

The Guardian: When You Wish Upon a Star: Nuclear Fusion and the Promise of a Brighter Tomorrow

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Missileers: Seeking Meaningful Employment

Popular Science: Why the Ebola Epidemic Is (So Far) Less Devastating Than Scientists Predicted



Anything new in spy and defense science and technology.  

Breaking Defense: Transparent Sea: The Unstealthy Future Of Submarines

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments: The Emerging Era in Undersea Warfare

The Guardian: Pentagon Says Air Force's 'Expanding Drone Fleet' Is Unjustified and Wasteful

Defense Update: ‘Atlas Unplugged’ Humanoid Like Robot to Roam Free (Of Cables) at DARPA Robotic Challenge

Popular Science: Should We Put a Drone on Mars?


Stories about the NSA, government transparency, and individual rights.

The New Yorker: Who Can Control N.S.A. Surveillance?

Christian Science Monitor: In Post-Snowden Era, NSA Maintains Surprisingly Favorable Image

Politico: CIA Leak Trial Now in Jury’s Hands

CNET: Police Now 'See' Through Walls and Know If You're Home

The Hill: Snowden: French Spying Didn’t Stop Terror Attacks

The Verge: A Spy In The Machine: How a Brutal Government Used Cutting-Edge Spyware to Hijack One Activist's Life

Bloomberg: Microsoft Gave Data on Charlie Hebdo Probe to FBI in 45 Minutes

International Business Times: Edward Snowden Prefers Simple Phone to iPhone Due to Snooping Concerns



The world of cyberwar and cyber-terrorism is the new normal.   

National Security Agency: Defensive Best Practices for Destructive Malware

The Information Security Arm of GCHQ (UK): Common Cyber Attacks: Reducing the Impact

Brookings: Will Sharing Cyberthreat Information Help Defend the United States?

The Daily Beast: Our South Korean Allies Also Hack the U.S.—and We Don’t Seem to Care

Federal News Radio: DoD Intel Chief Vickers Gives Cyber Premier Priority Status

Defense Systems: Users Becoming Hackers' Favorite Path into Networks, Survey Finds

Reuters: Pentagon Says Classified Data on U.S. F-35 Jet Fighter Program Remains Secure



Our old nemesis is back with a vengeance.

NPR: Ukraine Rebel Leader Claims New Attack on Mariupol

LA Times: Ukraine Troops Retreat after Losing Donetsk Airport to Separatists

Reuters: NATO Calls On Russia to Pull Troops from Ukraine

The Moscow Times: Russia Dares Ukraine to Prove Alleged Presence of Regular Troops

The Atlantic: How to Survive a Russian Invasion

The Jamestown Foundation: Putin Sets Military Trap for Poroshenko

Bloomberg: Putin Said to Shrink Inner Circle as Hawks Beat Billionaires



Our neighbors to the south, both allies and adversaries. 

Cuba Confidential: Havana’s Spies Seen as Big Winner in New US-Cuban Relations

New York Times: U.S. Outpost in Cuba to Step Out of the Shadows

BBC: How Will Cuba Get Off the State-Sponsored Terrorism List?

Reuters: Cubans Look Fondly To U.S. As Talks To Resume Relations Start

The Guardian: Headed to Cuba? MasterCard Removes Block on US-Issued Cards



America’s “Asia pivot” has brought it into direct conflict with the rising powers of Asia. 

Breaking Defense: US Army Communications in Pacific Stretched, Tested

Popular Science: China Gets Three Warships in One Day

The National Interest: The Real Military Threat from China: Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles

Stars and Stripes: Japan's Response to Islamic State Hostage Situation Limited by Constitution

The National Interest: Run Silent, Run Australian? Why Australia Should Build Its Own Subs



Because all the news from this hotly contested part of the world is not just terrorism news.

Washington Post (Op-Ed): Give Diplomacy with Iran a Chance

Bloomberg: Israeli Mossad Goes Rogue, Warns U.S. on Iran Sanctions

The National Interest: The Real U.S.-Iran Dilemma: What Happens After a Nuclear Deal?

Reuters: Israel Didn't Target Iranian General in Strike: Source

The National Interest: Why America Will Miss Saudi King Abdullah

Reuters: Russia May Send S-300 Missile System to Iran



News articles that highlight the secret history of history.  

AP: British Code Breaker Alan Turing's Notebook Goes To Auction

The Globe and Mail (Canada): Spy Master John Starnes Helped Nurture Canada’s Cold War Intelligence System

BBC: Staging Oppenheimer's Nuclear Story

Central Intelligence Agency: Cloak and Dagger: The Unexpected Beginnings of CIA

Aviation Week: The Case of the Missing F-117 Parts

Military Times: WWII 'Devil's Brigade' To Receive Medal

Stars and Stripes: WWII Vet Who Escaped From Bataan Death March Finally Gets His Purple Heart



All the news that doesn’t fit. 

Washington Post: Ex-Spies Infiltrate Hollywood as Espionage TV Shows and Movies Multiply

US Department of Defense: Marine Corps Officer Takes Defense Intelligence Agency Reins

Popular Science: Can Intelligence Analysts Predict The Future?

Washington Post: Marine Corps Realigns Its Special Operations, Sends Elite Troops to Middle East

The Daily Beast: Air Force Turns to Supersonic Mercenaries

War on the Rocks: Military Command in the 21st Century Through the Eyes of Two Generals

Fortuna’s Corner: The Golden Age of Black Ops

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: Remarks as Prepared for Robert Cardillo Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency for the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, Leadership Dinner