The Enemy Within

Do your students know that September 11th was not the first time that America has experienced an attack on its own soil?

The Enemy Within: Terror in America—1776 to Today traveling exhibition offers teachers and students an unprecedented perspective on terror in American history. The companion Educator Guide to the exhibit provides educators with a tool to examine the history of terrorism in America and its past, present, and future implications.

The Guide includes five lesson plans that explore the following themes:

  • reactions to terrorism and resulting legislation
  • the balance of national security and civil liberties
  • the accuracy of the media after a terrorist attack and its impact on public perception
  • the uses of primary documents to assess threats
  • motivations of terrorist groups and explorations of ideas for peaceful alternatives

Additionally, a list of ideas that can be further developed into lesson plans, a bibliography and Internet resource list, and a matrix of National Curriculum Standards in Social Studies met by the exhibition and Guide are included.

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