2014 Open Doors Access Calendar

2014 Programs:


Monday, January 13th 4pm – 7pm

Animal Spies: From wings to claws, discover how animals have been spies or supported spies through history.


Monday, February 10th 4pm – 7pm

Operation Undercover:  Discover the art of disguise and then go on an undercover mission.


Monday, March 10th 4pm – 7pm

Code Cracker:  Try your hand at cracking codes and uncovering secret messages.


Monday, November 10th 4pm – 7pm

Family BONDing:  You know Bond…James Bond from the movies, but can you be him?  What are your spy skills and how do they stack up to the ultimate spy?


Monday, December 8th 4pm – 7pm

Spy Fiction: Meet and greet a local children’s author who might have also been a spy. Shhh…we can’t tell.


Registration for programs:

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