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Homeschool Day at SPY

Discover exciting ways to encourage critical thinking, dig into STEM concepts, and uncover the secret history of history.

Global Terrorism, Espionage and Cybersecurity Monthly Update

Be the first to learn the latest intelligence news! Join David Major, a retired Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI and Director of Counterintelligence and Security Programs at the National Security Council…

The Winter Fortress: An Evening with Neal Bascomb

In 1942, the Nazis were racing to build an atomic bomb. They had the physicists. They had the will. What they didn't have was enough "heavy water," an essential ingredient for their nuclear designs. That…

Police Week Special

FOP Coin

Anatomy of Malice: The Enigma of the Nazi Criminals

In 1945, when the Allies convened the Nuremberg trials, a psychiatrist, Douglas Kelley, and a psychologist, Gustave Gilbert, tried to understand the psychology of the Nazi leaders, using extensive psychiatric…

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