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Double Agent Date

Original George Washington Spy Letter On Display

In annual recognition of America's first Spymaster, the International Spy Museum has re-installed one of the institution’s most revered and guarded artifacts: an original letter written by George Washington…

Magic of Spying: Tradecraft Trickery

In the real-life world of espionage, spies often call upon the art of magic and illusion to distract the enemy, make evidence disappear, and escape unnoticed.  Join professional magician, Peter Wood, as…

Brian Regan: The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell

Before Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, the largest theft of government secrets was committed by an awkward, unassuming, American intelligence agent: Brian Patrick Regan. Join award-winning writer …

The Spies of Palestine---Love, Betrayal, and the Heroic Life of Sarah Aaronsohn

Sarah Aaronsohn was born as part of the first wave of Jewish immigrants who fled the pogroms of Russia and Eastern Europe in the 1880s, settling in the province of Syria-Palestine. By the outbreak of World…

Feb 25

Gadget Girl

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Mar 11

KidSpy Overnight

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Mar 30