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Unlikely Warriors

The Army Security Agency’s Secret War in Vietnam 1961-1973

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Join us at the International Spy Museum Store for an in-store book signing of "Unlikely Warriors" by authors Lonnie M. Long and Gary B. Blackburn. The military history book takes readers into the Vietnam War and follows members of the Army Security Agency (ASA) as they conduct top secret missions.


Long and Blackburn chart the years that ASA operated in Vietnam – occurring from 1961 to 1973. With each story, many of which have never been told, readers will find themselves in awe as they learn about specific operations, incidents and battles that involved ASA personnel.

“We want the reader to come away with an appreciation for the job those thousands of young men did and the many thousands of lives they saved through their efforts,” say Long and Blackburn.

EXCERPT from “Unlikely Warriors”:

“The men were dressed in indistinguishable dark suits with white shirts and dark ties, and each man carried a new red U.S. diplomatic passport inside his breast pocket. The men held copies of their orders and records in identical brown Manila envelopes, and each man’s medical records were stamped ‘If injured or killed in combat, report as training accident in the Philippines.’”


“Powerful.  Compelling.  Insightful.  Exciting.  A much needed historical account of the many first-hand heroic and harrowing events in America's most misunderstood war.” 

—Colonel David E. Servinsky, U.S. Army (retired), Ph.D., Executive Communications and Support, National Security Agency/Central Security Service Colorado; former professor - National War College; former Deputy Director - National Security Operations Center (NSOC), NSA.

 “A great read about an important part of our military history. The authors have opened the door to a critical warfighting capability that has for too long been held a close secret to only a few. It is time that the door was flung wide open and the true nature of their work revealed.”

 — Major Philip D. Rutherford, Royal Australian Army, New South Wales, Australia

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