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Secrecy and the State: US, UK, and You

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“Secrecy and deception will always create problems in a free society.”  Roger Hilsman, Former State Department intelligence chief, 1967.

What level of government secrecy is warranted?  What level is overkill? Are decisions hard and fast or arbitrary?  With the deluge of information revealed by Wikileaks, the parameters of state secrecy have been brought into clearer focus.  This panel of experts will explore secrecy on both sides of the Atlantic detailing the tensions between secret keepers, whistleblowers, and ordinary citizens. Join Dr. Christopher Moran, Warwick University, author of Classified: Secrecy and State in Modern Britain, a fascinating account of the British state's long obsession with secrecy and the ways it sought to prevent information about its covert activities from entering the public domain; John Hedley, former CIA officer and editor of the President’s Daily Brief, who has been directly involved in providing current intelligence for eight presidents; and Steven Aftergood, project director at the Federation of American Scientists and a prominent critic of U.S. government secrecy policy.

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