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KidSpy Program: Operation Ninja

Discover the Secret Art of Ninjitsu

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Tickets: $25* Members of the Inner Circle: $20 Buy Tickets Join Today


Slipping through sewers or scaling walls, their task is to enter, investigate, and exit... unseen. No barrier can bar the agents nicknamed "Ninja"... no security deflects their prying eyes. Part cat burglar, part Houdini, these are the spies who infiltrate enemy strongholds, pick locks, and employ gee-whiz wizardry on espionage's front line. Join Viran Ranasingheand his troop of martial artists who have studied the art of Ninjitsu and are prepared to share the secrets of the Ninja with willing "recruits." From ninja star target practice to listening drills, young ninjas-in-training will challenge their physical and mental skills and determine if they have what it takes to join the ranks of the Ninja spies.

*Museum admission included in ticket price. Operation Ninja is for children ages 9-14. No grownups allowed! 


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