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Drones and Data Mining: The Intelligence Transformation After 9/11

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Data mining and drones have both sparked controversy, but have these tools given the US the upper-hand against our enemies? Must Americans give up a degree of privacy for the sake of national security? After 9/11, intelligence agencies have expanded their reliance on data-mining tools to amass and analyze metadata from around the world on suspected terrorists, world leaders, and ordinary citizens in an attempt to net useful tips. Drones have emerged as another critical instrument in the fight against Al Qaeda and jihadist extremists. But do these attacks keep us safe, or does the collateral damage breed more terrorists? Join John Moseman, former chief of staff to the Director of the CIA, and Andy Johnson, former staff director of the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, for an in-depth discussion of the transformation of the intelligence field and the debate surrounding these changes.

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