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Dinner with a Spy

An Evening with Martha D. Peterson

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Dinner with a Spy is now sold out.

Undercover at the US Embassy in Moscow in 1977, CIA officer Martha D. Peterson was one of the first female CIA case officers to serve there. Peterson discovered that she could move freely around Moscow without a trace of surveillance coverage, unlike her male CIA colleagues who were smothered by KGB surveillance teams. She became almost solely responsible for retrieving messages from a key spy in the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs, code named TRIGON. She communicated for nearly 21 months with TRIGON through dead drops disguised as logs, dirty gloves, crushed milk cartons, and crumbly pieces of concrete. On the evening of July 15, shortly after Peterson placed a concrete concealment device filled with spy equipment in a tower on a railroad bridge, she suddenly found herself in the clutches of KGB agents. She was arrested and harshly interrogated. She refused to cooperate, held her ground, and ultimately was declared persona non grata and sent back to the US. Three KGB officers drove out to the airport to salute her plane in recognition of her composure during interrogation. Spend an evening with this heroic woman and learn what it was like to be caught and keep your cool!  You will be one of only 14 guests at Adour for a four-course dinner and wine-pairing where you’ll talk with her about her remarkable career and her thoughts on today’s intelligence issues.

Peterson is the author of The Widow Spy which is recommended for pre-event reading.


Please call 202.654.0932 or write to register and with special dietary needs. 


923 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Ticket includes four-course dinner with wines.

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