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Alexandra Hamlet, "The Right Guard" Book Signing

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Join us at the International Spy Museum Store for an in-store book signing of “The Right Guard” by Alexandra Hamlet. Alexandra is a Harvard-trained cultural anthropologist, an international lecturer and a defense anthropologist. This is her first novel, a winner in three categories of the 2012 International Book Awards.


CIA operative Eric Brent and his revolutionary light weapon invention are being used by the CIA to reveal members involved in a take-over of the United States Government. It’s the mid-’70s, and the Vietnam War has finally ended. The Founding Fathers made clear the right of the people to rise against tyranny and institute new government and some extremely powerful Americans have taken that to heart.  They work to assemble their own, “private” army by stealing armaments from National Guard armories around the country, spiriting away the ordnance into huts and unused factories.  Believing the government is taking away civil liberties and becoming too intrusive into the lives of ordinary Americans, this group calls itself The Right Guard. It has been preparing for what they call Wings Day, they plan to capture the president and keep him hostage until a government of their making can take control. Brent has to stop the imminent takeover and the elderly fanatic leader who dreams of putting the United States under martial law in order to tailor the fabric of American life to his liking.

The book reads like a film, the scenes rapidly progressing back and forth between the CIA and The Right Guard with a dizzying amount of characters appearing so quickly it is impossible to keep track of where they stand. Days later I found my mind drifting back to the book after reading current political news. This one will stay with you.


In addition to being an exciting read, and totally plausible, Right Guard deftly explores the in-depth turmoil that field operatives often experience as they navigate both the political and especially moral undertones that are inescapably part of any major clandestine operation. A must read for any spy aficionado!" -- Former Senior Operations Officer, CIA

“The flood of novels continues and, happily, there are a number of very good ones worth recommending. For those who love stories involving America’s intelligence services, The Right Guard by Alexandra Hamlet is going to prove a suspenseful and satisfying story with ramifications of present times. Set in 1978, it reflects the present political and economic climate of the United States. Recall that Jimmy Carter was still president and the Iranian hostage taking of our diplomats was still a year away. When more than one million military weapons and equipment are missing from U.S. military inventories across the nation, CIA operatives struggle to find out who is involved in a secretive, “phantom” group hostile to a wildly spending, intrusive U.S. administration. The action is set against the world of intelligence and defense in the 1970s and chapters often begin with actual newspaper articles relating to the topics that are contained in the novel. This is the author’s debut novel and one can only hope she has another on the way.”

-- Bookviews by Alan Caruba

“The Right Guard,” Alexandra Hamlet’s debut novel, is a spy-thriller set in the year 1978, but reads much like it could be pulled from today’s headlines. Details from actual newspaper clippings gives the story a near plausibility and a “what if” quality that is found in good spy-thrillers.

-- FLAGSHIP, Norfolk Navy, Atlantic Fleet by A.C. Mink

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