Operation Spy Guide - Seasonal

Have you been told you have an engaging personality, a flair for the dramatic and a gift for working with teams? If so, this may just be the job for you!

Primary duties include:

Provides excellent guest service to all guests when on any post and ensures each visitor has an exceptional Museum experience.

Essential Responsibilities:

Operation Spy: Brings an engaging personality and dramatic talent to play the role of an Intelligence Officer in a fully immersive experience that requires guests to complete various tasks on their way to completing a mission. Facilitates conversation, encourages teamwork and closely interacts with guests of all ages and abilities.

Performs all standard operating procedures related to posts and any other additional tasks. Monitors and maintains crowd control, exiting guest flow and promptly reports operational problems.

During all contact with guests, must strike the right tone between entertainment and encouragement. Resolves guest concerns and complaints in an efficient and effective manner. Communicates guest concerns/complaints to management and offers solutions to improve the overall guest experience.

Consistently supports and assists Museum management in maintaining operational excellence. Performs basic cleaning and general upkeep of public areas, including exhibition spaces, and reports equipment malfunctions.

Availability: In order to be considered for the position, you must be available to work at least 24 hours per week including weekends, evenings and holidays. You should be available starting 23 February and be planning to spend the summer in DC.

Mandatory training dates:

23 February (Monday): 10-4pm

24 February (Tuesday): 6-9pm

28 February through 1 March (Saturday-Sunday): 9-6pm

7 March (Saturday): 9-6pm


Skills and Attributes:

Crowd control, communication skills, problem solving and ability to multi-task

Special Requirements:

At least 1 year of customer service experience

Past experience in public speaking

Proven ability to communicate well within group settings

An engaging, outgoing personality

Mandatory criminal background checks and drug test required.


Please send your resume and cover letter to vsmanagers@spymuseum.org with subject line: Operation Spy Guide. No phone calls please.